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The residents of the unincorporated town of Wattenberg located in south western Weld County recently found themselves without safe water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and food preparation due to elevated nitrate levels in their water system. Nitrate in drinking water is a serious health concern, especially for infants less than six months old and the elderly.

Upon hearing about the issue in Wattenberg, Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer directed the Department of Public Health and Environment to have potable drinking water delivered to the residents, renting a potable water trailer capable of holding 6,000 gallons of water.

“As soon as we heard about the situation in Wattenberg, we took steps to get safe drinking water out to the residents,” said Commissioner Kirkmeyer. “This is no different than anything else Weld County would do for any of its residents in a time of crisis.

Don’t become a crime victim: Follow these 14 warm weather safety tips

DENVER — The Denver Police Department has a comprehensive list of warm weather safety tips it just released.

2 key concepts

– Make it hard for you and your property to be targeted for crime
– Have a plan and play the “what if” game: How will I respond if a person or animal chases me? Am I aware of my surroundings and can I thought about certain scenarios to anticipate them and avoid them?

Denver Police Department’s 14 warm weather safety tips

1. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people who are hanging around. Keep your head up and your eyes open. Listen to your internal voice and don’t ignore it.

2. Avoid leaving your windows open when you are away from home, this is inviting to burglars.

Denver Police detective placed on leave during investigation in Lakewood

DENVER — A Denver police detective is on administrative leave from the police force as the result of an ongoing investigation in Lakewood.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson says Det. Michael Ryan was placed on administrative leave Friday.

Lakewood Police say this is an ongoing investigation of prostitution activity.

Investigators say a Denver officer was contacted by Lakewood special enforcement officers Thursday night in the area of West Colfax Avenue and Ingalls Street after they watched a woman known to engage in prostitution get into his car.

He was not on duty at the time.

Det. Ryan works in vice and narcotics for Denver Police.

Doors opening to Denver’s landmark buildings for the public this weekend

DENVER — This weekend the public will get a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes of Denver’s most interesting buildings.

Doors Open Denver is a free annual event and runs both Saturday and Sunday.

You can simply wander into a dozen buildings around town or sign up for tours of significant places.

There are 61 buildings participating this year including the Zang Mansion, the Buckhorn Exchange, the D&F tower and the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

The Denver Architectural Foundation sponsors DOD. Some of the tours require signups, so be sure to check the website.

The weather Saturday should be nice, so we recommend you consider on of the walking tours including the historic pathways bike tour or the downtown Denver public art bicycle tour.

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1-on-1 with Calvin Ford: The Mustang and the Denver Auto Show

DENVER — Our Dan Daru got a chance to have a one-on-one chat with Calvin Ford, the great-great grandson of Ford founder Henry Ford, at the Denver Auto Show. They’re main topic of conversation? The Mustang, its legacy and its future.

Greenwood Village police report increase in home break-ins

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Police in a South Denver suburb have reported seeing an increase in the number of home burglaries in the last two weeks.

On Wednesday, Greenwood Village Police released details about five break-ins that have occurred since March 31st.

They tell FOX31 Denver , the break-ins have happened on E. Tufts Circle, S. Akron way, S. Clarkson Street, And E. Prentice place.

The thieves, who police believe may be responsible for burglaries across metropolitan Denver, are accused of stealing small electronics, jewelry, and easy to grab valuables.

“They can get in your house really fast, even if it’s locked, and that’s pretty scary,” said Margaret Roberts, a theft victim.

Street vendor forced to move, does OK on opening day

DENVER — In LoDo, the city has decided to enforce a 20-year-old agreement which mandates vendors operating north of 19th Street must be south of 19th or lose their permits.

Several vendors decided not to show up Friday for opening day rather than make the move, but one stand—Diamond Dawgs—did make the move literally across the street.

“I was worried about my loyal customers being able to find me,” said Joyl Watkins. “But judging by how many people are stopping and buying, this might just be OK for me.”

The city indicates they didn’t realize the vendors had been operating in violation of the agreement with the Colorado Rockies and their in-stadium vendors. When they signed the new accord, they spotted the error and demanded that the vendors be relocated.

Watkins says he still might want to explore getting back to his old spot a hundred or so feet away, but for now, all’s well that ends well might be the name of the game.